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Since 2006, Stop CO2 relies on a network of specialised professionals and engineers spread across Europe, with particular focus on Italy, Spain and the UK: engineers, architects, as well as economists and communication experts, are allocated according to the operational needs of the project, for maximum effectiveness of intervention and optimal return of investment.

Professionalism, punctuality and precision with the results characterise the deep motivation of Stop CO2’s team. We assist the client through a path of technological turnover and drastic reduction of the ecological footprint. New market challenges impose very strict standards of eco-sustainability and energy efficiency, in order to improve competitiveness and keep the budget under control.

Stop CO2 is a proud member of the Camden Climate Change Alliance.

The Team

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    Ascanio VitaleC.E.O.

    With a dual background in engineering - aerospace (Polytechnic of Naples) and electronics (University College London) - I have always focused my career on the field of environmental sustainability. After 15 years as a consultant/project manager for international projects in Greenpeace and WWF - also as Climate Campaigner - ranging from technical-scientific activities to political lobby, as well as team training and coordination, I founded Stop CO2 in 2006 and its spin off - Flyzen - in 2014. Among my publications: the report for the European Commission on the status of state subsidies to fossil fuels and nuclear and their impact on the renewable energy market, as well as numerous articles on energy, environment and waste management, for “Il Fatto Quotidiano”, “QualEnergia” and “East Magazine”. I have been a Board member of Population Matters for 6 years.

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    Federico MerloStrategic Sustainability Advisor

    With an economic background focused on green marketing studies, I worked as a sustainability consultant and environmental specialist for the last ten years. I am based in Barcelona but always on the go, dealing with clients around the world for consultancy support. I have been involved in various aspects of Health, Environment and Safety including developing audit management systems, LCA and carbon footprint and sustainability reports. My role in Stop CO2 is to develop corporate strategies, placing sustainability right at the centre of the business to disrupt and innovate the market segment. I strongly believe that the time for consultancies only aimed to solving problems is nearly over. Nowadays, a consultant involved in corporate sustainability needs to raise new, out-of-the-box ideas in order to drive and lead the change towards a new sustainable economic model.

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    Claudia CarresciaChief Communications Officer

    With twenty years of activity in the field of marketing & communication, I develop bespoken communication strategies, far from the standardisation of ideas, from certification to fixity, to develop creative plans, custom actions and company storytelling, based on the need to disseminate sustainable best practices. As an active environmentalist, I publicise, with joy and passion, the valuable contribution Stop CO2 is giving to the protection of our planet. A planet where we often lose the perception of being guests on, not owners, putting at risk our lives and those of future generations… We must never forget it!

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    Svevo RomanoICT Senior Advisor

    With over two hundred projects and consultancies in assets, over the past 15 years, I have cultivated a career in new media as a developer and designer for the web, graphic designer and animator. I have also dedicated myself to web marketing and SEO. I produced cartoons for Grundy, RAI and, as a consultant, I worked for various small and medium-sized enterprises. In 2005, I moved to London and since then I have worked for Langland, Apple and, in 2007, I founded Mavo Studio: a branding and communication agency that has worked for both medium-sized and international companies. I have a design ethic based on functionality and on the importance of finding a balance between "what is beautiful and what makes sense”. I devote great attention to the key aspects of web marketing strategies and web standards implementation, yet aware of the compromises necessary to reach out to the widest audience.

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